Spent my day working in Kibera (the 2nd largest slum in Africa), it’s incredible when you walk into a community and pick up on its own social organization that is so unique. I love places with vibes and this one had a great one. It’s been a while since I was back there. But I must say its deeply disappointing how negatively bad press has painted this area. I wish more people defended the beauty of Kibera rather than associated it with an insecure place. To be clear I am not romanticizing the beauty of this place. It just happens to have a very unique environment that allows for things to happen very differently. I also ran into this cutie laying in a pile of garbage


Nearly a month since the world’s biggest ivory burn in Kenya yet no new laws passed to protect the wildlife 👀 no harsh penalties for poachers. What’s stopping anyone from killing another 6000+ elephants and rhinos just to make the same 105 tonnes of ivory for the black market just so we could burn as … More NOTHING HAS CHANGED

Graduating and Stuck?

We all pass time thinking of ways to improve ourselves and develop new skills as we progress from a major education institute to the next. It could be secondary school to university or something similar. After a year of tough semesters and school terms, we manage to get the grades needed to pass that level. We … More Graduating and Stuck?